Nearly 600 overseas high-level talents in Sichuan focus on innovation and Entrepreneurship 小坂めぐる

The news agency of the new network in nearly 600 overseas high-level talents in Sichuan focused innovation and entrepreneurship in Chengdu – 13, September (Xu Yangyi Wang Peng) 2016 China Western overseas high-tech talent fair (hereinafter referred to as "Hi") and the opening ceremony of the forum held in Chengdu on 13. Vice chairman Han Qide of the CPPCC National Committee, the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Director Qiu equality leaders attended and delivered a speech. This "Haike will" to "gathering overseas talents · Wanqiao innovation in Western China" as the theme, attracted 580 overseas guests to participate, including Nobel prize winner Ding Zhaozhong, 12 overseas academicians, more than 30 overseas school principal, nearly 200 overseas Chinese professionals association. The State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office Director Qiu Yuanping said in his speech pointed out that overseas Chinese professionals active in today’s world of high-tech fields, has a broad international perspective and global network, grasp the advanced achievements in science and technology and business model, innovative spirit and entrepreneurial enthusiasm, more profound feelings, is an important force to achieve innovation and development of the China. Human civilization is the accumulation of innovation, there are many possibilities for innovation, not only to give people the opportunity to wait." National Academy of engineering, said Deng Wenzhong, innovation is not limited to science and technology, in all areas, innovation is very important. Deng Wenzhong believes that Chinese to become an innovation powerhouse, should start from the details, "to encourage children to ask questions, and to do everything fine, so that innovation has become a kind of mentality, habits, and promote it into the social atmosphere." For the innovation and development of the 2016 "Tianfu Friendship Award" winner Robert ·, fellow of the Australian Academy of science; Mcintosh has his own views. Robert · Mcintosh and Sichuan have been carried out for more than 16 years of cooperation in the field of agriculture, "I am delighted to see that many of Sichuan’s young scientists, has grown into our team leader." He hoped that in the future there will be more business transformation technology, so that the laboratory research can become a truly fine, and benefit more farmers. Giovanni, President of University of Milan, Italy,, was invited to deliver a speech in the ·. He believes that universities should promote entrepreneurship, can no longer be an ivory tower, should interact with the enterprise, research and design innovation. In addition, Nobel prize winner Ding Zhaozhong was invited to make a "search for the origin of the universe" as the theme of the speech. The opening ceremony, Sichuan governor Yin Li for the second session of the "Haike Cup" global overseas Chinese innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition Award winners. Sichuan provincial Party Secretary Wang Dongming to "Tianfu Friendship Award" award winner, and together with the overseas Chinese Affairs Office Director Qiu Yuanping Sichuan overseas dream garden. It is reported that the General Assembly will be held during the many matchmaking activities, including China Life Science Development and cooperation forum, smart city international forum and Sichuan Taiwan precision machinery manufacturing two-way docking, "thousands of people plan expert innovation forum. (end)相关的主题文章:

Hunan doctors were injured family members of the hospital medical staff asked for severe punishment

The Hunan patient’s family doctor was stabbed to the hospital medical staff request punish – Sohu news Hunan Loudi City Hunan coal hospital director Zhang Zhipeng in 2 was a patient’s family with a dagger stabbed right after the chest. The pictures are from the network on November 4th, Hunan Loudi City, Hunan coal hospital director Peng Hongli to surging news (Zhang Zhipeng) confirmed that the surgical director of the hospital in 2 by family members of patients with a knife after the right chest, serious injury, was rescued in the characteristics of life is stable; the suspects have been detention public security. According to Peng Hongli revealed that the suspect, 43 year old Liu Zichang, unmarried, had been in the hospital to take care of the father liu. Liu father in the hospital underwent prostate surgery. After the incident, the spread of the hospital to the hospital on behalf of all the medical staff to the Lianyuan municipal government, political and Law Commission, the Public Security Bureau and the guardian Planning Commission issued a request. "Letter of request" request "the law strictly and promptly punish the perpetrators, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of medical staff". In this regard, Peng Hongli confirmed, and said, medical injury occurred in the case of no dispute, the hospital medical staff were very angry. Peng Hongli said, in November 2nd 9, doctor Zhang Zhipeng in the office routine check medical records, a prostate surgery in the surgical patients’ families (Liu Zichang) came to the office, asking the patient’s bed the doctor where. "Zhang director asked a ‘what do you find him’, then he (Liu Zichang) took out a dagger stabbed over." Peng Hongli told surging news. The request, the book also describes the scene: "director Zhang Zhipeng immediately fell to the ground, and then the murderer thrust second knife, but fortunately was operation room anesthetist named Xiao Zhenyu parry. The murderer stabbed to Dr. Xiao Zhenyu, surrounded by the medical staff to control, took the weapon in the hands of the murderer, and the murderer fled." After the incident, Zhang Zhipeng was rushed to the resuscitation room, was diagnosed as: (1) thoracic trauma, open hemopneumothorax (2) pulmonary contusion (3) traumatic shock (4) on the right side of the diaphragmatic muscle and right hepatic contusion (5) peritoneal pneumatosis (6) peritoneal effusion and so on. For wounding motives, Peng Hongli believes that there is no sign, and then the other relatives of the patient also said it was very strange, because there is no contradiction before." Zhang Zhipeng, director of surgery for the hospital, not the patient’s surgeon, nor tube bed doctor, the suspect had not had an argument with Zhang Zhipeng. However, Peng Hongli also revealed that, after understanding, two days before the incident, Liu Zichang has suggested that ward with another patient than his father recovered better after the doctor’s communication, Liu Zichang has expressed its understanding. Peng Hongli said that as of noon on November 4th, after the rescue, Zhang Zhipeng vital signs are stable, but the condition is still more serious. Liu Zichang has been detained by the public security department, admitted that the injured doctors, and expressed regret for their actions.相关的主题文章:

Andouble on the U.S. military for the first time in the United States refused to negotiate a good Tr drop dead diva

Andouble, US troops stationed in Japan for the first time Trump refused to consultation: military military Channel – Sohu global network reported: according to Japan’s Jiji Press reported on November 14th, according to U.S. President elect Donald Trump had asked the Japanese? "Full reimbursement of U.S. military expense statement, Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo 14, said that Japan should bear their respective proportion to consultation. Jiji news agency believes that Andouble’s position on the U.S. military spending in the United States, which means that the full commitment of Japan’s full commitment to Japan’s commitment to Trump. Trump has said during the presidential election, if elected, will require Japan and South Korea, one hundred percent of the burden of the U.S. troops stationed all costs. He said that if these countries do not want to pay more costs, the United States should be ready to leave, that is, from the local withdrawal. Japan anti phase Inada Tomomi 11, said at a press conference, Japan will no longer be stationed in the u.s.. Paddy field said: "I think the burden of Japan is enough. In fact, the Japanese government has to bear the burden of." In March this year, Japan’s parliament approved a plan from the beginning of the 2016 fiscal year 5 years, U.S. military burden total 946 billion 500 million yen ($8 billion 800 million) of funds, increase 13 billion 300 million yen over the previous 5 years ($130 million). The Japanese government had previously asked to slash the burden of the U. s.military funding, but the United States insists that the money. From Japan and the United States, the status of the military agreement, the Japanese side does not bear the burden of U.S. military expenses in japan. According to the agreement on the status of troops stationed in the United States and Japan in 1960, Japan’s support to the U.S. military in Japan is limited to "facilities and venues". However, with the strengthening of the Japanese economy, the United States in the last century, 70 years began to put pressure on Japan to provide more funding support.相关的主题文章:

Her mind, special person you listen to – Sohu nlite

Her mind, special person you listen to? Sohu today this "special you", is a friend of a friend of the point of the song, to give her own heart to the special person. She left a message in the background, sharing a small corner of her heart, where something happened, some emotional fluctuations. This is what she wants to say to someone saying: "I don’t know you can’t see, we have no contact for 4 days, a few hours. Have been used to see you every day looking through the East West information is still not in? Every day you have to ask a few questions on the answer book, or very interesting, completely living in my own world, a person playing the role of two people, funny. Every day to listen to your songs, thinking together experienced things, sometimes I really want to do not understand why someone will contact for a short time, but how will I keep in mind the deep-rooted feeling. I haven’t figured out, we are too much like? Or do you know me? Or are you really my shadow? The woman derailed a variety of situations in which marriage: first, marital discord; second, there is no passion between husband and wife; third, had a very depressing, but I think I do not belong to these situations, I in marriage love a person is very normal to everyone before my husband said, just want to put this love you can give action. But for you, I don’t get any distractions, to tell the truth this feeling really is the first time there, perhaps is really very pure love feeling so unforgettable." And he wants to say to you, "the heart of man is not bound by slavery, though I do not know what is happening between you, I can see that you have been moved. But there are many they regret the world, the end is decided to go there, and it is a kind of perfect. Brand in the bottom of my heart, sealed for a beautiful memory, can do, is that you have to live very well, he has to live well, nothing more than that." May you all be well! < there are worries that can tell wood > I am still wood, still on earth, with you!相关的主题文章:

The reclusive deep in the West Lake road – tourism Sohu seeking incense xpphone

West Lake road – deep pursuit of reclusive incense to the Sohu of tourism friends circle of friends have such a description: a lot of people come to Hangzhou to know the broken bridge, Lei Feng tower, Hefangjie Street. You know in the west of West Lake there is such a pure place, from yanggongdi to Maojiabu a particularly beautiful scenery, few people can enjoy the beautiful scenery. This is a journey of water, this is a popular literary Wizard of Oz to dust. A telephone call on Sunday has aroused our friends of the green travel, 35 friends visit incense road. Purely for fun, deliberately took only a cell phone to go out, all the photos are iPhone mobile phone shooting. ? the waters attached a swamp covered in gray Heron nest old, Buddhism in Hangzhou has been famous, Hangjiahu area of the pilgrims to India and pray, mostly to the boat. They insisted on a boat to Hangzhou, along the river by the doors Genshan shaking in West Lake; then, landing in maojiabu. Another way to Lingyin Temple to buddha. A ship? Through the layers of ripples if the land came to the Hangzhou pilgrims, in the lakeside hired boat, all the way down to maojiabu. The boat dock, people saw the West look, Tianzhu Mountain in Shuangfeng was cut, "Tianmen", know the Buddhist holy in front, to burn incense to worship, kneel, and murmuring, to Buddha’s sincerity. Late? Dike, pavilion, flower, shadow how harmonious scene until the last century to 40s, from the opening of the lake Lingyin Road, people took a bus to Lingyin Temple, bus 7 road has become one of the most congested lines of hangzhou. This "incense road" gradually subsided, and gradually disappeared in people’s sight. A peach tree? A pool of clear water? A pavilion bridge is a road cycling scene after Guo Zhuang on the edge of the Wolong bridge, there is a small boardwalk yanggongdi on the west side of the sidewalk, will see the words "incense road" related allusions to the board. Walk along the road, one step at a time! The man is not tired. ? flowers are in full bloom, to attract tourists to stay in West Lake? Lou Wailou Restaurant fisherman fish they caught from West Lake? A West Lake scenery painting Maojiabu is a village, it is named after the village quay full of grass, if by land to calculate the Maojiabu is the starting point of incense road. The village is a bustling metropolis, is also due to the lake by boat from the pilgrims, usually choose to eat a bowl of vegetarian in Maojiabu, buy Incense, when they look to the west, could see the distant Shuangfeng Tianzhu cut, like "Tianmen", in the eyes of buddha. From here, the past along the way is the temple, and the dining hall shops, even beggars gathered in the road along the line. Now in the village built a stone archway, one side of a poetic couplet Maojiabu richly endowed by nature geographical position: "the temple in the distance and Tianzhu Tianzhu, looking back in six even outside the six causeway". ? Maojiabu famous stone beach fishing? Tadpoles boy come to play not many Maojiabu more now is the depth of tourists and Hangzhou local weekend leisure vacation, there is.相关的主题文章:

Select [picture] my father took me to see the universe mother – Sohu coscoqd

Select [picture] my father took me to see the universe – Sohu maternal family education books recommended parenting information please pay attention to my public number "Da Da – children’s books" (dldhb2018) Cong dad one can see to the stars of the night, only to see the beauty of a lifetime, also feel will remember for a lifetime love! Woolf’s dentist dad to take him to see the universe! In addition to the beautiful night sky, they will encounter what fun things? This depicts the relationship between father and son in the picture, beautiful illustrations and simple text, light shows belong to men and boys between the father and son. One day, my father took me to the universe. Because he thinks I’ve grown up. "Where is the universe?" I asked. "Oh, there’s a way out of here." Dad said, take off the dentist’s white coat, which accounted for a lot of small spray. "You should put on more clothes," said the mother. "It’s cold outside at night." How cold is the universe?" I asked. "263 degrees below zero." My father answered me. He put on his jacket, brown boots, wearing a black beret. I’ve got a pair of socks on my feet. We’re going to start, mom and we hug and say goodbye. She said, "don’t come back too late." We walk along the right wall. Dad took my hand, so I wouldn’t lose it. Father’s step is very big. And he likes to look up at the clouds when he walks. Dad always does, when he talks, white smoke comes out of his mouth. "This is called up," he said, "because the breath warmer than the air outside." "What is the universe?" I asked. "All the world." Dad said, "what is there, baby." We walked on until we knew the way to the left. "Where is it?" I pointed to the convenience store. "No," he said, "but we can go on a trip." "What is travel food?" I asked. "That’s what an outing needs." Father said. He was very clear about what to buy? "Get me a pack of gum." Father said to the salesman. "Do you want anything else?" The salesman asked, "we’re going to close." "No, that’s all." Father said. We walked for a long time, passing a park where I had been before, but the pool was closed. We passed the hardware store…… The fish shop is closed. It was dark. I asked my father, "is it coming?" My father asked me, "are you tired?" "Not tired." I said, "Yeah."…… I’m still tired." So my father blew the whistle, so we walked more easily. Whistling melodies to a cloud, in his black beret. We’re going to cross a ditch. Dad put me in his arms, so I wouldn’t get wet shoes and socks. "Now we’re almost there." Dad said.相关的主题文章:

The game is more and more low competitive furnace stone out of the what problem – Sina legend zone mycoolboy

The game is more and more low competitive furnace stone out of the what problem? – Sina hearthstone legend and all the success of the online game, hearthstone legend also experienced players endless complaints. However, it is difficult to recall the last time there were so many professional players and ordinary players to question what happened to the sports furnace. The problem with the competition was ushered in last week, when Navi broke up on the same day as Amaz, the world’s most successful hearthstone team, bid farewell to the Archon and officially declared the disintegration of the clan. The lack of a sufficient number of bonuses to hand in a championship, a top game player who seems to agree, even in the preparation of Wanquan case, rate of success in the game is low outrageous. These two points to the feasibility of hearthstone game marked a question mark. While the current world champion, Firebat began to try to organize a ban card game, you know the hearthstone game is definitely a problem. As a spectator, I really feel that the hearthstone game is just what I was looking for. This is because with the increase in the level of the game, the harvest is less and less, on the other hand, we continued to watch the game as like as two peas feel a bit tired. Even so, I do not think that aesthetic fatigue is the main problem facing the competition. After all, the new contents in the new environment is constantly waiting for the next arrival of cancer. The real problem is the design concept of blizzard on randomness and value models. But if the randomness of all killed a pole may not really grasp the essence of the problem, if you want to cure it, we have to take a close look at the value model of some cards. Randomness and the real problem of the value model in my opinion, hearthstone is now experiencing problems arising from some of the card value model design mistakes. Almost every new series will have some problems with the card, only a few cards can have a bad effect on the game. Let’s look at the details of the case: positive case to randomly generated value card in essence is not a bad thing, such as 1 for spider webs, raving grimoire and boasting pirates — the three card has a random effect, but does not subvert the environment. These cards are designed to be very good, because they have a relatively weak body (although the body is not important), so they can not help you in the early snowball. They also provide a card, though not from the card card, but the card randomly enriched your card options, so you can change flexibly according to the tactics of the game cards. The key is that these cards are not "open" because you have to pay for the random cards. So these cards are "fair". Their randomness can create some exciting moments, change the direction of the game, to increase the choice of different thinking. These cards are strong enough to be added to the building, but your opponent will rarely be provoked by the randomness of the cards. Positive cases include Ysera, thinking of stealing, 130 and quartermaster, or pay extra value model or trigger condition] no randomness of the card is also quite worth considering. A fast dragon is a.相关的主题文章: